5 Benefits of Sublingual Vitamin B12


If you want to take in vitamin B12, there are several recommended ways to do it:

• You can try and get it through diet – an uphill task because it is extremely rare in natural foods. Non-vegans can get it from meat and eggs, but even then, to get it in the right amounts is not easy bearing in mind that you can only consume so much of these in a healthy diet.
• You can get a B12 shot. This would likely be recommended by your doctor and in most cases to someone with severe lack of vitamin B12 that is affecting their health significantly.
• You can get it in tablet form as a supplement. This can come as a tablet with multiple vitamins in it, or just as a B12 tablet by itself. It has to go through your digestive system and do its best to get absorbed before it leaves your body.
• In sublingual form – the easiest and fastest and most effective way to take vitamin B12. Sublingual simply means you put in under your tongue. The membranes that are underneath your tongue are stimulated by the tablet to produce saliva, which dissolves the tablet and it’s absorbed directly into your bloodstream. All of it is utilized. This method has advantages over all the others:

1. Faster Absorption

It’s placed under the tongue as a tablet or in the form of drops. Beneath the tongue, there are numerous blood vessels. Just placing it underneath your tongue stimulates production of saliva which very quickly dissolves the tablet or drops. On absorption, it goes straight into the bloodstream. Studies have shown that this method provides 100% absorption as compared to a tablet where you get 1.2% absorption.

2. Higher Retention

Taken in ordinary tablet form, a B12 pill goes through your digestive system and through the entire digestive process.  On the way, it loses its strength because of alteration to its original form by various digestive acids. Sublingual b12, because it will not come into contact with any acids whatsoever, will get absorbed into the body in its original form and give the highest nutritional value.

3. Instant Effect

Because of faster absorption and better optimization, the effects are instant. If you were taking it for energy, for instance, you will feel energized much faster than if you took it through a tablet. It is definitely recommended when lack of B12 has led to a condition or disease because the healing will be faster.

4. Works Great for Appetite and Sleep Control

Lack of B12 can lead to loss of appetite and poor sleeping patterns. When trying to deal with these, you want a solution that will work as fast as possible. If its determined that B12 deficiency is the one causing you to lack appetite and sleep, the best way to get over this quickly is to have a sublingual B12.

5. Its Inexpensive

Compared to a B12 tablet which may come at the same price, you get more value with sublingual B12. You will need to take much less of it and for shorter periods for your body to have enough. Shots are expensive too, especially if you think of doctors fees and if you need a series of them.

Remember that B12 is essential for good health. Your body needs it for energy, sleep, appetite and even a healthy central nervous system. If you’re not already including it as a part of your diet, you should consider it. If you are and haven’t yet tried sublingual B12, you should – it’s the fastest and most effective.


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